Join our crowdfunding!

Make your donation and help us rebuild Salento destroyed by Xylella. Your contribution will be used to expand our initiative throughout Salento.

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With your contribution you can:

  • Purchase and donate other olive tree seedlings to Salento farmers. In this way, we will recover the work that Xylella has taken away from us.
  • Extend our range of action to other areas of Salento, helping us to hire new guys to expand our initiative.
  • Develop a zero-impact management system for the new olive groves, based on the conservation of biodiversity and the use of precision agricultural practices.


Help us: join our crowdfunding to save Salento!

By participating in our crowdfunding, you will help us not only to purchase and donate new olive trees to farmers throughout Salento, but also to provide new jobs and invest in the development of zero-impact olive grove management systems, which are crucial to ensuring environmental sustainability.

A small contribution to make Salento great again.

Why join our Crowdfunding?

Supporting agriculture in Salento

Thanks to your donation we will be able to plant new olive trees and promote the adoption of innovative agricultural practices that will engage young people in Salento.

Subtracting CO2 from the environment

Olive trees are among the plants capable of removing the most CO2 from the environment. Because of Xylella, the pollution rate in Salento has increased tremendously.

Restoring lost work

We will be able to restore lost hope to small olive growers, who will return to planting small olive trees thanks to the stimulus of our association. They will no longer feel lonely!

Tasting good Salento oil

We can continue to produce our sought-after olive oil. A 100% made in Italy production, directly from the producer to the consumer.

Reconstructing the landscape

We can redesign the beauty of Salento, which has always been a land of olive trees, and bring it back to being the evergreen tourist destination it has been for centuries.

Future for our children

We can give back to our children the Salento that we inherited. By creating jobs they will not be forced to migrate but will be able to stay here!

In just one year we have achieved great results!

  • We have planted more than 25,000 olive trees, restoring about 100 hectares of olive groves.
  • We donated 7,000 plants, helping 75 farmers regenerate their land, involving 6,000 people and 51 businesses.
  • We have produced 400,000€ of wealth for the area, creating 15 new jobs through induced employment as well.
  • We shipped more than 15,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil produced by Salento farmers.
  • We donated more than 500 liters of oil to families and citizens in need, collaborating with local associations and institutions.
  • We offset about 6 million kg of CO2 through the planting of the new olive trees.
  • We made 9- and 10-year-old elementary school children experience a day of “olive harvesting.”
  • We won the first prize as a startup committed to the “Rebirth of Salento,” presented to us by Banca Sella, University of Salento and DPixel.

Can you help us double these numbers?

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With your contribution you can:

  • Acquistare e donare altre piantine di ulivo agli agricoltori salentini. In questo modo, recupereremo il lavoro che la Xylella ci ha portato via.
  • Estendere il nostro raggio d’azione ad altre zone del Salento, aiutandoci ad assumere nuovi ragazzi per allargare la nostra iniziativa.
  • Sviluppare un sistema di conduzione dei nuovi uliveti ad impatto zero, basato sulla conservazione della biodiversità e sull'utilizzo di pratiche agricole di precisione.