How many olive trees can I adopt?

There is no maximum limit of olive trees. You can adopt as many trees as you like, even within the same order. Once in the cart, after selecting the first adoption, simply return to the Adoption Form and select the plan you prefer, with the desired quantity of oil.

Once you have entered all the trees you want to adopt, just complete the order and proceed with the payment.

Is the adoption fee single or annual?

The adoption fee is ANNUAL , but you can decide to renew the adoption at the time of the deadline.

Renewal takes place manually. We will notify you of the deadline about ten days before, via e-mail.

Can I renew the adoption of my tree?

Yes, the adoption is valid for 1 year from the time of purchase.

At the moment, the renewal of the adoption is done manually. 10 days before your adoption expires we will send you an email to notify you of the expiration and you can renew the adoption from your account.

We are working to make this process automatic, too, for those who want to use it.

What am I entitled to for each adoption?

Depending on the adoption plan you choose (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum) you will receive a certain amount of Organic EVO oil, which will vary in the following years.

In the Basic plan, for example, we will send you 1 liter of oil for the first 3 years, while for the next two years you will be entitled to 1.5 liters of oil, up to 2 liters for each olive tree after the first 6 years.

It is also possible to add liters of oil to those already present in the basic plan : just select the quantity, which will be added to those already provided.

Upon adoption we will send you a certificate showing your name and the location of your trees (so you can visit them whenever you want).

How much does it cost to adopt an olive tree?

The cost of adoption varies depending on the selected adoption plan and the amount of oil you want to receive. We have several adoption plans that you can choose from: Basic , Silver , Gold and Platinum .


Can I give one or more olive trees as a gift?

Of course. It is possible to give one or more olive trees as a gift . Just select, in the plan sheet, the option “ it’s a gift “.

At that point you can enter the recipient’s name and surname, indicate his e-mail address (so that he can receive the communication of the gift), a personalized message, and the date of delivery of the gift.

What does the recipient receive?

The recipient receives, on the specified date, an e-mail from us informing him that an olive tree has been given to him.

In the email you can find the personalized message and the Certificate of Adoption related to the adoption.

The recipient will also be entitled to the supply of oil provided for with the adoption.

Who has to renew the adoption?

The adoption can be renewed by both the recipient and the person making the gift.

  • Whoever makes the gift, if he wants his gift to be renewed from year to year, can renew the adoption as if it were a standard adoption;
  • Otherwise, you can indicate in the notes (during payment) that it is the recipient who has to decide whether or not to renew the gift.

Who is the oil sent to?

The oil will be sent to the recipient of the gift. During payment, you can indicate a shipping address (different from the billing address).

There you can indicate the address of the recipient of the gift.


How many liters of oil do I get for each adoption?

For each plan there is a quantity of oil included in the adoption, which is equivalent to 1 liter of oil for each olive tree in the first 3 years. In total, therefore, with the Basic plan you will be granted only one liter; with the Silver plan you will receive 5 liters of oil; with the Gold plan we will ship you 10 liters; with the Platinum plan 50 liters.

For the following years, a quantity of Organic EVO oil is foreseen, reported in detail in each adoption plan.

You can choose to add more oil to the liters provided. For example, in the Basic plan it is possible to add up to 9 liters, to receive a total of 10 liters of oil (because they are added to the liter included in the adoption); in the Silver plan it is possible to add up to 10 liters, for a total of 15 liters, and so on.

Can I add liters of oil at the time of adoption?

Yes, of course, to the liters of oil foreseen in the basic plan it is possible to choose to add more oil: it is necessary to select the quantity that will be added to the foreseen one.

For example, in the Basic plan it is possible to add up to 9 liters, to receive a total of 10 liters of oil (because they are added to the liter included in the adoption); in the Silver plan it is possible to add up to 10 liters, for a total of 15 liters, and so on.

The liters I will receive are related to the production of the olive trees I have adopted?

The oil that will be sent to you can come from the trees adopted, but also from trees already in production. In any case, these are Salento olive trees, cared for and followed by our farmers.

When will i receive the oil?

The shipment of the oil will take place approximately during the harvest period, ie from October to December , but if you need it immediately we can send it even earlier. It will be sufficient to send us an email to the following address: [email protected] .

We will package your oil accurately and safely, to get the product to arrive in top condition.

Can I collect the oil from the mill?

Yes, you can decide to collect your oil in our oil mill in via Zaca (Fondo Mauro) in Martano (LE).
During the completion of the order, in the “Shipping” section, the option ” Collect at the mill ” must be selected. At the time of payment you will not be charged the cost of shipping.

Why do I have to pay in advance for the oil that I will receive in months?

It is necessary to pay the oil in advance because the price also includes the annual adoption of the olive tree, the availability of being able to visit when you want your own tree and the possibility to participate in the olive harvest.


Can I find my tree?

For each adoption you will receive a certificate in which we will report your name and the place where we planted your trees, in the form of a QR code . Just scan it to locate your olive trees and visit them whenever you want. You will be able to recognize your olive tree thanks to the personalized tags hanging on the tree.

When can I visit my tree?

You can go and find your tree at any time thanks to the position offered in the certificate, via the QR code. You will be able to recognize your olive tree thanks to the personalized tags hanging on the tree.

How do I recognize my tree?

After locating your trees, it will be very easy to recognize them: each of them will be hung with a personalized plate with your name (or with the name of the person indicated in the case of a gift).

How can I participate in the olive harvest?

The harvest takes place in the months between October and December. To request to participate, simply send us an email to the following address: [email protected] .

How can I get a special price for a stay in a partner property?

Olivami offers the possibility of obtaining a special price in a partner structure for those who want to come and find their olive tree in Salento. To access this benefit, you must contact us and ask for all the information. Contact us at the following address: [email protected] .