Why is Olivami born

Xylella destroyed over 21 million Salento olive trees

In the last 5 years, over 21 million Salento olive trees have disappeared , destroyed by Xylella. Salento, which has always been a land of olive trees, found itself witnessing a dramatic scenario, forced to eradicate secular and old olive trees , which represented the most lively family tradition.

Erasing the history, traditions and work of our farmers

Due to Xylella, over 5,000 olive growers have lost everything : fields, work and traditions. It had a psychologically devastating impact especially on those families who had olive fields as their only form of sustenance.

Reducing the production of Salento oil by 80%

All of this resulted in one 80% reduction in Salento oil, leading to a decrease in national production of 50%. For 5 years now, the national production of oil has not been able to meet the demand, and Italy from a large producing country has become an importer of olive oil.

Pollution rate increased by 8%

Over the past 5 years, the pollution rate has increased by 8% . You may not know it, but the olive tree is one of the plants with the greatest ability to subtract CO2 from the atmosphere: each hectare of olive tree removes 9.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. That is about 730 Kg of CO2 per year for each olive tree.

Olivami: the concrete answer to the problems brought by Xylella

Our association was born with a single purpose : to reforest the Salento countryside destroyed by Xylella. Through this objective we intend to return work, history and traditions to farmers, to return to offer our sought after Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to help reduce pollution .

We know well that we cannot do it alone , which is why we ask everyone for help. All the funds raised through the adoptions will be donated to agricultural realities that will replant new olive trees (resistant to the Xylella bacterium) and will lead the existing ones trying, where possible, to recover the already sick olive trees.

Help us too, you can come and find your olive trees whenever you want!

Adopt an olive tree, help us save Salento.

Take part in the reconstruction of Salento. Choose how many olive trees to adopt and select the adoption plan that you prefer among those proposed below.

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