Here is who supports Olivami

Olivami was born from the desire of Salento farmers to reforest the land destroyed by Xylella . We cannot do it alone but luckily we have found the support of Salentine companies that believe in the project.

What does it mean to be an Olivami Partner ?

Being a partner of the Olivami Association means supporting an association committed to the reforestation of the Salento olive groves affected by Xylella .

Among our partners there are various farms operating in the Salento area and all the financiers who help and support the Association.

Our mission is to rebuild our landscape, which has always been a land of olive trees, with the aim of restoring our traditions, restoring jobs to farmers who have been impacted by Xylella, reducing pollution by planting new olive trees, and offering organic extra virgin olive oil with verified quality and provenance.

Every little gesture allows us to grow and reforest the olive groves affected by Xylella.


Help us rebuild our territory.

Adopt an olive tree, help us save Salento.

Adopt an olive tree in Salento and participate in the reconstruction of Salento. Choose how many olive trees to adopt and select the adoption plan that you prefer among those proposed below.