Adopt an olive tree in Salento

Adopt a Salento olive tree and participate in the reforestation of Salento. You choose how many olive trees to adopt, selecting the adoption plan you prefer from those proposed below. All our adoption plans are annual, with the possibility of being renewed from year to year, without any restrictions.

A Concrete Help

By adopting an olive tree you concretely help olive growers to return to the Salento countryside , devastated by Xylella. We can inject strength and confidence into their hearts, helping them and their surroundings as well. The new olive trees will in fact contribute to the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere : each olive tree absorbs about 600 kg of CO2 every year! And millions of them have disappeared throughout Puglia ...

A tree is forever

Adopting an olive tree means leaving your mark on Salento forever! Olive trees can survive over the centuries, leading the generations who live in their territory. When you adopt an olive tree on Olivami, you can assign a name to your tree , which will be engraved on a plate hanging from the tree itself. Weatherproof, this plate and the olive tree itself will be witnesses of your help in Salento, over the centuries.

An Original Gift

Give an olive tree as a gift? Yes, that's right, and it's very simple! During the adoption you can choose to give the tree / s to anyone you want: partner, parent, friend ... You will be able to dedicate the name of the tree to the recipient and send him a personalized message, which we will deliver by e-mail.

What do i get with adoption?

By adopting an olive tree with one of our adoption plans you will have:

  • The possibility of planting one or more new generation olive trees , in particular the varieties resistant to Xylella (Leccino and Favolosa), which will be managed by the farms belonging to the Olivami Association;
  • The receipt of a Certificate proving the Adoption , with the name of the tree (s), your name and a QR code that you can scan to locate the position of the tree (s);
  • An annual supply of Organic EVO Oil, varying according to the adoption plan, as a reward for your commitment to helping Salento. Oil will be shipped, starting in the first year, after the olive harvest (October-March period). You will be able to taste the product of your tree!

What will your adoption produce?

Where do we plant the olive trees?

New Olive Trees are planted at the lands of farmers who join the Olive Tree Association. To date there are 40 farmers. The main planting land is in the countryside around Carpignano Salentino , between Maglie and Otranto, in the heart of Salento .

Where do we plant the olive trees?

New Olive Trees are planted at the lands of farmers who join the Olive Tree Association. To date there are 40 farmers. The main planting land is in the countryside around Carpignano Salentino , between Maglie and Otranto, in the heart of Salento .

The Olivami Project

In the last 5 years, Xylella has destroyed over 21 million olive trees in Salento , leaving about 5,000 farmers unemployed and erasing Salento’s main source of CO2 offset.

The Olivami Association promotes theadoption of Salento olive trees as a response to the devastation brought by Xylella. A new form of sustainable and participatory olive growing , which allows anyone to remotely adopt one or more Salento olive trees, supporting the reforestation of this wonderful territory.

We talk about our association on:

Do you want to make a gift ?

On Olivami you can choose whether to give one of our Adoption Plans as a gift . Doing so is very simple: in the adoption plan form just check the ” It’s a gift ” box and you can enter the recipient’s name and email, as well as a personalized message.

Read the opinion of those who have already adopted an olive tree!

We collect feedback from everyone who has adopted or given an olive tree on Trustpilot , as a means of transparency and sincerity

Adopt an Olive Tree: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the adoption fee single or annual?

The adoption fee is ANNUAL , but you can decide to renew the adoption at the time of the deadline.

Renewal is done manually. We will notify you of the deadline about ten days in advance by email.

What name can I give to my tree?

You can name it however you like: with your name, the name of a loved one, a fancy name, the name of a place or what it symbolizes for you (happiness, freedom, peace, etc.).

If you adopt more than one olive tree, you may decide to assign a single name to the entire olive grove or one name for each tree, dividing them with a comma or hyphen.

When it comes to a gift usually the adopted tree is assigned the recipient’s name or nickname.

The name of the olive tree will appear on the adoption certificate and on the plaque hanging on the tree, along with the first and last name of the person who adopted it or who will receive it as a gift.

When will I receive the oil?

The oil will be shipped from the year of adoption, roughly in the harvest period, which is between October and March, but if you need to have it right away we can ship it even earlier. It will be sufficient to send us an email to the following address: .

We will package your oil accurately and safely, to get the product to arrive in top condition.

What am I entitled to for each adoption?

Depending on the adoption plan you choose (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum) you will receive a certain amount of Organic EVO oil starting the year you adopted, between October and March, and the number of liters will vary in the following years.

In the Basic plan, for example, we will send you 1 liter of oil for the first 3 years, while for the next two years you will be entitled to 1.5 liters of oil, up to 2 liters for each olive tree after the first 6 years.

It is also possible to add liters of oil to those already present in the basic plan : just select the quantity, which will be added to those already provided.

At the time of adoption, we will send you a certificate showing your name and the location of your tree (so you can visit them whenever you wish).

Where are my olive trees planted?

The new Olive Trees are being planted in the province of Lecce, in the area of Carpignano Salentino, Martano, Borgagne, and Melendugno, where several farms operate that have joined the Olivami initiative.

Can I give one or more olive trees as a gift?

Of course. It is possible to give one or more olive trees as a gift . Just select, in the plan sheet, the option “ it’s a gift “.

At that point you will be able to enter the recipient’s first and last name, provide his or her e-mail address (so he or she can receive notification of the gift), a personalized message, and the date the gift certificate is to be sent.

How does Olivami work?

Olivami is anonprofit association (Olivami ETS – VAT No. IT05208280759 – Unique Code: X2PH38J), which brings together several Salento farms.

We are based in Martano, in the province of Lecce. If you would like more information about our association and how it operates, please visit our Contact page.