Environmental Sustainability

Olivami is the first nonprofit association established to reforest the Salento area, help local farmers and encourage the revival of organic EVO oil production.

We carry out all activities in total transparency with the aim of preserving the Salento landscape, protecting the environment, supporting people and supporting the local and national economy. We therefore carry out totally Green activities that support the achievement of international sustainable goals.

The planting of new trees, in our case olive trees, is one of the most environmentally friendly CO2 mitigation and offsetting measures.

A new way to be green and sustainable, in Italy!

Olivami's main goals

Through each of these goals we further the achievement of the <strong>World Sustainable Program</strong>, better known as ``AGENDA<strong>2030``</strong>.

Offsetting CO2 emissions

Due to the recognized high absorption capacity of olive trees, tons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change.

Restoration of the Salento Landscape

We plant new-generation olive trees to replace those affected by the Xylella bacteria that are now dry and unproductive. Let’s give back to the Salento landscape the greenness that used to characterize it.

Helping Farmers

We donate small olive trees tolerant to the bacterium to small farmers in Salento, who have suffered the disastrous consequences of Xylella. In this way, we prevent them from abandoning olive groves altogether.

Production of Italian EVO Oil

We are participating in the recovery of the Salento olive sector, which until a few years ago produced about 45 percent of the national EVO oil requirement, but because of Xylella, production has been reduced by 80 percent.

The 17 goals for global sustainable development

Agenda 2030: which of these goals do we focus on?

Agenda 2030 is a program that aims to achieve 17 sustainable goals for <strong>people, the environment and prosperity</strong> by 2030.
The program was formed to empower future generations to be able to experience a better and more sustainable world from 3 main perspectives: <strong>environmental, social and economic</strong>.
Our project supports 7 of the goals set by the 2030 Agenda:

Defeating Hunger

With Olivami, we promote new zero-impact sustainable farming techniques through the use of sensors and drones and ensure the production of Organic food that is 100% controlled and safe for everyone’s health and the environment.


Clean water and sanitation

With our project, we ensure the use of innovative, modern and reliable technologies that enable sustainable irrigation water management. We use instruments capable of detecting the actual amount of water the plant needs to grow healthily and produce quality fruit.


Decent work and economic growth

We support the economic and sustainable growth of the Salento area and nationally by providing jobs to farmers who have lost them to the Xylella bacteria and by helping the recovery of Italian EVO oil production.


Business, innovation and infrastructure

We promote the economic and social development of our country by creating new jobs and using innovative AGRICULTURE 4.0 tools and technologies with zero impact on the environment.


Responsible consumption and production

With our project we ensure the design and implementation of sustainable production and consumption models that reduce speculation; create new jobs and promote the culture and typical products of our area.


Fighting climate change

Tree planting is a high-impact CO2 offsetting strategy that is one of the most impactful measures for combating climate change.


Life on Earth

Olivami promotes the reforestation of Salento’s olive groves, as well as the restoration of the landscape; ensures biodiversity, promoting the survival of various animal and plant species; and helps prevent the risk of desertification in Salento.

How do we achieve these goals?

With innovative and sustainable technologies

We use AGRICULTURE 4.0 tools , such as multispectral drones and water sensors.

Through precision agriculture techniques(multispectral drones), we are able to intervene in a targeted and preventive manner in cases of new pathogen outbreaks, avoiding “blanket” treatments, as well as monitor the health status of plants. All this at ZERO IMPACT.

We also make use of water sensors that can estimate the water needs of individual olive trees, so as to avoid water waste and resource consumption. Thanks to these sensors, we water plants only when there is anactual need.

With maximum transparency

We are especially keen to share with you every achievement and milestone we reach, because everything we have done so far is also thanks to your help.

We also guarantee all adopters the opportunity to visit the olive groves and see their own olive tree.

For us, “transparency” means making you a part of every activity: in fact, we have organized event days such as “Collect Me” and “Olivami Day” to demonstrate how we are really investing the funds raised through our adoptions.

With the help of experts

We approached agronomists and agricultural entrepreneurs from the outset to assess the feasibility of the initiative and its real utility for people, the environment, and the land.

The farmers who plant and conduct the olive trees do their work with the utmost care. They use state-of-the-art and sustainable means and tools to ensure an organic and quality EVO oil.

Olivami in numbers: achievements to date


Olive trees adopted


Planted olive trees


Regenerated hectares


Farmers helped

We talk about our association on:

Do you want to create your own Corporate Garden?


  • Large and medium-sized enterprises
  • Small businesses
  • Stores


  • A farm garden where you can plant olive trees
  • Wooden sign with your logo in the garden
  • Sending of adoption certificates by e-mail
  • Dedicated company page
  • Supply of EVO Oil from your trees (bottles can be customized with logo)

How does Olivami work?

Olivami is a non-profit association (Olivami ETS – CF 93160150756) which brings together various farms in the province of Lecce. The headquarters are in Martano, in the heart of the so-called Grecìa Salentina , a set of municipalities where the traditions of the ancient Greek culture are still alive, which had a very strong symbol in the Olive tree.

The goals of OlivaMi

Our association’s goal is to revive Salento, which was destroyed by Xylella, by allowing everyone to adopt an olive tree. By adopting one or more olive trees, you will help our farmers plant and conduct small, bacteria-tolerant olive trees, contribute to the resumption of production of organic, 100% Salento EVO oil, and contribute to the absorption of CO2 emissions.