Give an olive tree, make a surprising gesture

Give a Salento olive tree and help the reforestation of Salento against Xylella. You choose how many olive trees to give, by selecting the adoption plan you prefer from those proposed below. Give a real olive tree! All our adoption plans are annual, with the possibility of being renewed from year to year, without any restrictions.

What does it mean to gift an olive tree with Olivami?

Gifting an olive tree is a special gesture that contains very intense meanings. Always a symbol of peace and prosperity , today gifting an olive tree also means gifting hope to a territory deprived of its characteristic product.

Years of devastation wrought by the Xylella bacterium have resulted in the loss of millions of olive trees, and consequently the loss of thousands of jobs.

By gifting an olive tree you can make a special gift both to the people you love and to Salento. There are many occasions in which you can give an olive tree:

  • On the occasion of a birth, as a good omen for the newborn;
  • For an anniversary or birthday, to seal an important date;
  • For a wedding or for the beginning of a cohabitation, to celebrate the union.

How to give an olive tree at a distance?

Giving an olive tree on Olivami is very simple:

  • Choose the Adoption Plan you want to give. You can choose between 4 different adoption plans, all renewable annually at the choice of the recipient, without any obligation;
  • Select the option ” It’s a gift ” and enter the recipient’s details: name and e-mail . Name the tree (s) you want to give and tell us the date you want the certificate sent. You can also add a custom message ;
  • Complete the adoption and we will send the Certificate of Adoption to the recipient, to the e-mail provided, together with your personalized message. Don’t want to send it right away? No problem: you can choose the date on which to deliver the gift!
  • Each year, the recipient of the gift will receive 1 liter of oil for each tree you gave him / her!

Where do we plant the olive trees?

The new olive trees are planted in different countryside in the province of Lecce : Carpignano Salentino, Serrano, Martano, Melissano, Lizzanello, are some of the municipalities in which we are present. The management (planting, tree care, olive harvesting …) is entrusted to the agricultural realities associated with Olivami.

Where do we plant the olive trees?

The new olive trees are planted on the land of the farms that adhere to the Olivami Association. To date there are 20 companies. The main planting land is in the countryside around Carpignano Salentino.

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Giving an olive tree: the meaning

Giving an olive tree has a very profound meaning , because it has always been a symbol of peace, wealth and prosperity . Also known as the “tree of life” given its ability to live for centuries, the olive tree is donated to wish a future full of peace, joy and serenity .

Over the centuries it has been represented as a symbol of rebirth and strength , the olive tree can often be given on special occasions that require a special wish for the beginning of a new life, such as a birth or a wedding .

Giving an olive tree as a gift is a gesture with a profound meaning because it wishes for a full and strong life, like its foliage , and intense, like the taste of its ripe fruit.

Receiving an olive tree as a gift is like receiving a lucky charm from someone who loves you.

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