Welcome to the Olivami Club!

If you have already adopted or received a gift of one of our adoption plans, you are now part of the OlivaMi Club: but what is it all about?

With your gesture you have helped revive the entire Salento area and, for this reason, we at OlivaMi have decided to involve Salento facilities in this project, recognizing unique benefits. You can enjoy the services of affiliated facilities at a special price by using our coupon.

Here are all the facilities affiliated with OlivaMi where you can use the promo code we provided after adoption: hotels, resorts, beach lidos and more.

Choose the category and find the facility that best suits your needs.

Do you want to become a facility affiliated with OlivaMi?


  • Hotels
  • B&B
  • Swimming pools and beach resort
  • Restaurants
  • So many others


  • Increased visibility for your facility
  • Section dedicated to your facility on our website
  • We will advertise your facility on our Social
  • You will contribute to the growth of the Salento area


  • Personalized advertising materials to display in your facility

OlivaMi Club: Frequently Asked Questions

When do i receive "Olivami Club" card and promotional code?

A few minutes after completing the adoption, you will receive an email in which we will provide you with your promotional code and personal card, which you can show at the time of payment in the affiliated facilities.

How much percentage discount will I get at the time of booking?

Depending on the facilities, you will have access to a 5% or 10% discount.

Who can use the promotional code or the "OlivaMi Club" card?

This is an exclusive benefit for supporters of our initiative, businesses and families who have adopted or created a garden.

At the time of booking, only adopters, who are on our “Supporters List” that we will share with the affiliated facilities, will be allowed to use the promotional code or card.

How many times can I use the promo code?

You will only be able to use the promo code once per facility: this means that you cannot use it multiple times in the same hotel, B&B, campsite, etc.