The Garden of ``Vergallo``

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The Vergallo Group was founded in 1959 and provides equipment and services to small, medium and large enterprises.

The company’s main branches are Veco Equipment specializing in industrial machinery, Veco Tools, e-commerce of professional equipment and tools, and the historic store in Corigliano d’Otranto (LE).

Innovating to grow.

According to Charles Darwin, in nature, “it is not the strongest species that survive, but those that are most responsive to change”.Similarly, in our economic system, the competitiveness of an enterprise depends on its ability to get ahead of the times. With ideas.

Our Goal

To this day, the goal of our group is to make the work of others better by proposing and offering advanced solutions, with a constant eye on technology, offering a wide range of products for processing in all areas.


To partner with companies by providing not only great products but more importantly services built around specific needs. Our team supports our clients with expertise, motivation, creativity and speed in understanding and solving the most diverse needs and problems.

Organizational Model

To ensure fairness and transparency in the conduct of business activities, we have adopted a code of ethics in which are contained the principles of our actions towards our partners / suppliers / customers, in full compliance with the Law and business fairness.

“We are a company that is very connected to the land and we believe that only the collaboration of everyone can return Salento to the lush landscape that our grandparents left us.
We also decided to involve our customers to make this action even more effective and shared.”

10 Olive trees adopted

10 Olive trees planted

6,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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