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Systema Srl.

Systema Srl is an IT consulting firm and System Integrator specializing in the implementation of automation projects that include the DIGITAL TWIN or DIGITAL TWIN. This approach promotes management through intuitive and modern interfaces based on digital representation that itself encapsulates a natural information access experience. Five pillars underlie the Systema philosophy:

    Top international vendors we have been offering for almost 3 decades.
    All our experience and digital skills complemented by a methodological approach to be effective.
    Technology in modules developed by Systema to complete specific repetitive tasks, with the goal of lowering time and cost and increasing accuracy.
    “Internal startup” established in 2015 and continuously expanding with the aim of developing specific projects for clients based on modern technologies on the basis of the Digital Twin.
    Further frontier of development logic where we provide already developed modules that can be used as macro-functions for development projects (IoT integration, blockchain, Machine Learning Algorithms, …).

“As a company we have long felt the desire to actively participate in the well-being of the Planet with a concrete initiative related to sustainability active in the country and managed by a non-profit association. We found in OlivaMi the right project with all these characteristics. Moreover, we have repeatedly traveled – for work and otherwise – among the Salento countryside devastated by Xylella, being able to ascertain the disaster both landscape and economic caused in the territory. We liked the idea of espousing the cause and contributing to the environmental and economic rebirth of a beautiful area of our country.”

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