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Banca Sella

Founded in 1886, Banca Sella is the Sella Group commercial bank recognized in the industry for its excellence in innovation and service built on customer needs.

Present throughout Italy with about 300 branches, it makes the reliability of its digital solutions its main strength.

“Growing by having a positive impact is the high road we want to continue to follow; we cannot ignore sustainable growth. To be successful, companies must create value for the society in which they operate, and they can only do this if they change and adapt to the general changes in the world. Giving oneself sustainable goals by a business, after all, is not just something ‘good’ to do, but has become a real economic necessity.”

– Maurizio Sella

270 Adopted Olive Trees

270 Olive trees planted

160,000 kg Co2 subtracted

3 Supported Farmers

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