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Nuna Lie

Nuna Lie is an Italian women’s fashion brand that was established in 2003 and now has about 150 stores both in Italy and abroad. All production and distribution actions are supported by the head office at
Rome: HR, Marketing, Visual, IT offices are in daily contact with the store network. The main values of the company are: affordability of the product in terms of price, customer care, and Italianism in taste and lines. In addition, Nuna Lie is a brand that has distinguished itself in the retail world by investing in constant team training in order to ensure a unique shopping experience

“Nuna Lie wants to take an increasingly sustainable approach in its business decisions with the aim of having its employees and customers live in a healthy environment; through this initiative, it extends its reach by looking at Salento and its sheep farmers, but most of all at the families and people behind them.”

10 Olive trees adopted

10 Olive trees planted

6,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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