The Garden of ``MYR Consulting``

MYR Consulting

We are a management and organizational consulting firm established through the initiative of the two founding partners and can rely on a structured network of specialized partners. We operate throughout the country and mainly target SMEs, micro enterprises and start-ups. However, this does not prevent us from dealing with large and complex organizations with an international scope.

Our goal is to offer clients an integrated, cross-process consulting service based on Enterprise Risk Management, with the aim of improving corporate governance by taking advantage of every situation and turning areas of risk into opportunities for growth.

Our approach stems from the conviction that daily challenges should be approached methodically, but also with passion, and that is why we started a business where the idea of work becomes a team game and a path to take together with our clients.

Thanks to our experiences, heterogeneous skills and streamlined structure, we are able to embrace most business, manufacturing and service sectors, adapting quickly to our clients’ needs in order to achieve their goals.

“” Networking, it works” has been our motto since the creation of our company. We are confident that unity is strength, and we believe that our Italy needs to find itself united to overcome all the challenges ahead. Salento is in our hearts and a little in our families, and that is why we want to contribute to the rebirth of an area battered by Xylella.”

10 Olive trees adopted

10 Olive trees planted

6,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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