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Meter Group

Meter Group was formed in 2016 through the merger of two companies: Decagon Devices and UMS AG. They have succeeded individually, united by common values and similar roots, in collaboration in science and engineering. For more than a decade we have worked together in product development, supply and distribution, customer service and training. This made it possible to take the plunge and lead to the merger of the two companies.

Meter Group operates in the field of innovation. The organization’s goal is to help our clients solve the world’s most pressing problems: improving air and water quality, managing crops and increasing food security.

Every day we strive to achieve our goal: to make the best tools and software in the world, we will not settle for less than industry-leading expertise.

“It is important to us to support nonprofit climate and environmental safety programs. We like to partner with associations that can make a good impact for the earth. Our goal is to provide the best tools to safeguard the future of our community.”

10 Olive trees adopted

10 Olive trees planted

6,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmers

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