The Garden of ``Meridionale Fondiaria``

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Meridionale Fondiaria

Meridionale Fondiaria is a constantly expanding Group specializing in the management of the buying and selling of new and used apartments in Lecce and the Province.

With more than 1,500 properties available in its vast portfolio, it has been the leader in real estate in Salento for more than four decades.

Its brand is now synonymous with reliability, certainty and solid, long-lasting relationships.

Our world is beautiful and at the same time incredibly fragile. Sometimes, all too often, we forget this.

Looking back to our roots, and reconnecting with their strength and inevitable delicacy, is every day as important as turning our eyes to the future.

“Roots,” will be our mantra throughout 2023: we want to dedicate ourselves to the deepest relationship with nature. To its landscapes, its elements and, above all, its fruits.

With this corporate garden we wanted to pay homage to our land, in all its incredible meanings, and to remind ourselves how important and vital it is to us, to everyone.

We need to recover a respectful and pristine relationship with her, we need to turn on the light of change within ourselves and then bring it into the world. Happy 2023 to all the Meridionale Fondiaria staff.

12 Olive trees adopted

12 Olive trees planted

7,200 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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