The Garden of ``Mediasoft``


In MediaSoft we describe ourselves as Software Artisans, humbler children of Art itself, our passion is Innovation, and our goal is to take back The Human Being at the center of Technology; to do so we create totalizing solutions to our partners technological needs, employing our cutting-edge experience, matured in over 20 years, and the ancestral lessons our homeland of Salento taught us, a land where for thousands of years, different cultures and people build on the foundations of the past. In these marvelous elements lies our strength: expertise, empathy, respect, collaboration and the timeless Italian Style.

“At MediaSoft, our human-centered philosophy manifests itself not just in our technological solutions, but also in our respect for the wider community and the environment that surrounds it. We chose to rely on Olivami because we truly believe in their mission, which is but another side of the same coin, and as a company founded in Salento we are excited to be able to make our contribution to the reforestation of our homeland and help that part of our community that was most affected by the Xylella epidemic.”

22 Olive trees adopted

22 Olive trees planted

13,200 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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