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Man Consulting

The company man consulting S.r.l. Benefit company deals with occupational safety, training, certification management systems, privacy compliance and 231 models.

In the area of management systems, it especially propagandizes for systems of social responsibility, gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

The company’s team is 95 percent female professionals, and in December we will certify for gender parity.

In the projects we have begun to support in an ethical and socially sustainable way are:

  • Fairy Children Project – integration of children with autism syndrome with “normal” peers;
  • African Fashion Gate project to promote sustainable fashion from the African continent.

“We have decided to support your project as your area is in need of restarting to revive that part of the land that has suffered decay, due to plant disease, first of all undermining an economic system that until then was very profitable and causing a very important green lung for the sustainability of the environment to be missing.”

50 Olive trees adopted

50 Olive trees planted

30,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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