The Garden of ``Luxoro``

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Luxoro is the exclusive partner in Italy of the KURZ Group, a world player and reference point in the production of equipment and technologies for hot, cold and digital printing. Through its inspirations, Luxoro aims to spread a new way of thinking about packaging and brand image, novel ennoblement solutions and the highest quality materials designed for unique designs. Whether it is packaging, labels, publishing, high security, cosmetics, automotive, home appliances or fashion, the proposals dedicated to ennobling are always cutting-edge and surprising.

Thanks to strict corporate policies aimed at environmental sustainability, Luxoro has long been a 100% renewable energy company and a supporter of projects aimed at promoting culture and protecting wildlife and the environment.

“It is very important to us on an ethical level to support projects that protect the flora and fauna of our area, so it seemed right to contribute to the preservation of Olive Trees and support the supply chain. “

100 Olive trees adopted

100 Olive trees planted

60,000 kg Co2 subtracted

4 Supported Farmers

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