The Garden of ``Kraton SYLVASOLV Team``


Kraton is the world’s largest producer of resins and chemicals derived from raw Tall oil and terpenes obtained from pine trees, planted, grown and harvested for paper and paperboard production.

Crude thallium and terpenes are by-products of Kraft’s papermaking process, which Kraton enhances, offering the industry raw materials and ingredients from renewable sources with high added value, in terms of performance and sustainability.

“Sustainability is the core value of Kraton, which aspires to “make a difference” for its customers, in its own work and for the environment.

Through this initiative we would like to “make a difference” for the beautiful land of Salento and its olive growers so badly affected and devastated by Xylella.”

45 Olive trees adopted

45 Olive trees planted

27,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

Visit the garden of ``Kraton SYLVASOLV Team``.