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JTI Italy

JTI ITALY: A history of growth and investment in the Italian territory for more than 20 years.
JTI’s history in Italy began in 2000, when JT International Italia, a JTI Group company, was established. At the time of its establishment, JTI Italia employed 26 employees with a market share of 3 percent; today, JTI Italia is an important reality for the Italian territory and economy and is the second player in the market.

A constant commitment that for JTI Italia also takes the form of support for the social fabric of our country, thanks to a series of activities and initiatives and that focus on the development of the communities in which we operate.

A 360-degree vision of sustainability, integrating the environmental sustainability, with activities such as the anti-littering campaign and the Sustainable cities urban regeneration project together with the NGO Save The Planet, with the social sustainability, through collaboration with third-sector entities such as Fondazione Progetto Arca and Banco dell’Energia, and with the economic sustainability, contributing to the support and development of the Italian tobacco industry through the purchase of tobacco made in Italy for more than 10 years.

Every day, together for
Creating Fulfilling Moments, Creating a Better Future!

“JTI has always been actively engaged in promoting sustainability, not only with awareness campaigns, but also with concrete projects and activities. As in this case, where thanks to our commitment as a company and the support of all our people, we can help rebuild the olive groves of Salento, hard hit by Xylella and thus recreate a wonderful and unique agricultural, economic and cultural heritage.”

120 Olive trees adopted

120 Olive trees planted

72,000 kg Co2 subtracted

3 Supported Farmers

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