The Garden of ``Harpa and Aircare``

Harpa and Aircare

Founded in 1985 as a Value Added Reseller of Hewlett Packard, Harpa Italia is a company whose goal is to provide Information Technology Services and Solutions in the Italian territory.

The solutions proposed by Harpa Italia in the area of design, implementation and management of complex systems and IT infrastructures are entirely designed, developed and managed directly by the company, integrating and customizing technology solutions from leading vendors.

Owner of the brands “Mcubo,” ICT and Energy monitoring systems, and “AIRCARE,” a company that provides a dedicated service for indoor wellness measurement in the B2B arena.

“we believe in respecting people and the planet, we also have our own solutions aimed at indoor wellness and corporate sustainability.”

35 Olive trees adopted

35 Olive trees planted

21,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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