The Garden of ``Hamsters & Ants Hub``.

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Hamsters & Ants Hub

We are a crew of digital professionals specializing in strategic and tactical social media management and content production for brands and agencies.

We are a group of independent freelancers with a social and digital specialization. We are children of pop culture, we know platforms and technologies in depth, we work to constantly improve, and we have the power of networking and a unique style of collaboration on our side. We think and produce stories, content, strategies, methods and ideas ready to take flight.

“To look up without stopping, and to renew daily contact with what our origins tell us.” Here is our mantra for the near future.

For 2023, we chose to plant 20 olive trees and pay homage with their fruits to those we care about most. We have entrusted Olivami with the custody of our land, and the care of new, precious roots: may they be a wish for pristine respect, strength, protection, and lasting bonds. Best wishes from Hamsters&Ants Hub.

20 Olive trees adopted

20 Olive trees planted

12,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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