The Garden of ``Pharmacy Doria``

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Farmacia Doria

Doria Pharmacy was founded by Cav. Teodoro Doria on April 10, 1875, and is among the oldest in Brindisi; located for more than a century on Pozzo Traiano Street in the city’s historic center, it has witnessed many changes that have marked the municipal area.

It has moved its headquarters to St. Angelo Street since 2012.

Always fully serving the local population and travelers, Doria Pharmacy has always preserved a galenic tradition, thus enhancing the ancient craft of the pharmacist preparer, still present among the services offered.

“A beautiful initiative for the preservation of our territory, offers the opportunity for each of us to be able to make a contribution to the environmental and labor redevelopment of Salento! To be supported so that it can “infect” the minds of all those who care about the fate of the territory!”

15 Olive trees adopted

15 Olive trees planted

9,000 kg Co2 subtracted

2 Supported Farmers

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