The Garden of ``CDSHotels S.p.A.``

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CDSHotels S.p.A.

For thirty years, a smile, professionalism and attention to detail have guided CDSHotels in the world of hospitality.

Resorts and Hotels in some of the most renowned and exclusive seaside resorts in Apulia and Sicily, services designed to meet the needs and demands of travelers of all ages, great attention to detail and quality in all areas, from gastronomy to landscaping.

These are the values we rely on to make our Guests experience a dream vacation made of crystal clear sea, nature, relaxation, fun and discovery of cultural and food and wine traditions.

The roots of CDSHotels are rooted in the history of a rich and diverse territory, whose natural, cultural, artistic, traditional and human heritage is in itself an added value.

Respecting the peculiarities of the area, enhancing its resources and excellence is our way of loving and respecting it. And from love and respect comes the decision to adopt an olive garden, to share with our Guests our passion for Puglia and invite them to participate with us in the growth and development of this wonderful land.

130 Adopted Olive Trees

130 Olive trees planted

78,000 kg Co2 subtracted

3 Supported Farmers

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