The Garden of ``Butterfield & Robinson``

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Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson—the world’s premier active travel company—designs incredible journeys to the world’s most amazing places. Crafted from the finest ingredients (exceptional lodgings, incomparable access, stellar wines and food, experienced guides and more than a few secrets), B&R’s trips combine active adventure with unparalleled cultural immersion in the world’s greatest destinations.

“B&R’s partnership with OlivaMi reflects our dedication to leaving a positive impact on the destinations we explore and the communities we touch. By establishing an olive tree forest, we can help restore the local environment, revive a culturally and economically significant region, and address economic challenges in Salento. We also strive to educate our travellers and empower them with the knowledge to contribute to the cause.”

200 Olive trees adopted

200 Olive trees planted

60,000 kg Co2 subtracted

4 Supported Farmers

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