The Garden of ``Bmeme``


We are a company founded in 2009 in Italy, specializing in the production of customized web applications. We offer digital solutions for ambitious realities: we ideate, design and develop software.

Modern Web applications are the result of extremely qualitative production processes in which the technological aspect is a pure means of meeting the needs of our Clients.

A software, whether it is a Web portal or a complex application, always has as its main goal to enable a human being to satisfy a need. That is why we place the user at the center of the process and develop the product from them.

Our business processes maintain a focus on quality. To meet the standards we set for ourselves, we have defined specific workflows and support them through the use of the best tools that enable optimization and continuous improvement of our offerings.

21 Adopted Olive Trees

21 Olive trees planted

12,000 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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