The Garden of ``Bay of Gallipoli``

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Bay of Gallipoli

The Baia di Gallipoli Camping Resort is an OpenAir facility ideal for experiencing a relaxing vacation in contact with nature. A facility surrounded by the blue sea and the wilderness of Punta Pizzo Nature Park.

“Planting trees is, for everyone, the most effective way to combat CO2 emissions. We plant many, every year, but planting Olive trees in Salento has an even greater value for the whole area.
In the past five years, Xylella has destroyed more than 21 million olive trees.
At one time our facility was also a wonderful grove of olive trees that, over these long years, we have seen suffer and then die, without being able to do anything to save even one tree. It is not difficult to understand the pain and despair of the Salento farmers who, as a result of Xylella, have lost their fields and their jobs.
We are deeply in love with our land and ready to actively engage in preserving it and seeing it flourish again.
Thanks to the Olivami Association, we are therefore happy to be able to contribute together with our Collaborators, our Guests and all the friends of Baia di Gallipoli, to the reforestation of Salento, helping our farmers, and giving back to future generations, the wonderful land in which we grew up. “

200 Olive trees adopted

200 Olive trees planted

120,000 kg Co2 subtracted

4 Supported Farmers

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