The Garden of ``AXIA S.r.l.``

AXIA S.r.l.

Legend has it that one day in late 1989, while Alberto Citterio and Gianni Ghini were driving to Varese to reach a client, Alberto threw out to Gianni something like, “but what if we set up our own business?” You can imagine Gianni’s response, since we are still here!

Whenever we introduce ourselves to a new, potential customer, we always have the problem of deciding what to tell them.

We often tell people that we are an “HR Company,” and when we see the eyebrows of our interlocutors arching, we explain that we have in-house the skills normally found in a Human Resources Department, and that we are therefore able to follow all the activities normally performed by this function.

“We don’t mind material value, but one of the criteria by which we self-select is the sharing that the real values in life, the most important ones, are those that make you “richer” with positive emotions and useful knowledge to continue to grow, as people and as a group.

So, practically from the first day AXIA was born, one of the most challenging parts of our work has been to vary our activities with projects that have allowed (and allow) us to enrich ourselves culturally and professionally, but also humanly.”

13 Olive trees adopted

13 Olive trees planted

7,800 kg Co2 subtracted

1 Supported Farmer

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