The Garden of ``Avio Aero``

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Avio Aero

In 1908, in Turin, Avio Aero took its first steps toward aviation production by developing and producing the first aircraft engine within FIAT.

Over the years he undertook collaborations with major companies. In 2003, the company decided to leave the FIAT Group, officially becoming “Avio Aero” in August 2013.

After more than 110 years of innovation and passion, its sights are still set on the future: working to develop more sustainable, cutting-edge aero propulsion technologies that can reduce or zero emissions.

“We are proud to be part of the Avio Aero family in Brindisi. For this reason, we sought a connection with the Salento area by relying on Olivami in order to support the planting campaign of olive trees devastated by Xylella. Our attachment to the local area and traditions prompted us to adopt a company garden that represented your values: innovation and tradition at the same time.”

– Daniela Dell’Anna

40 Olive trees adopted

40 Olive trees planted

24,000 kg Co2 subtracted

2 Supported Farmers

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