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Abbrevia S.p.A.

Abbrevia, founded in 2006, today provides high value-added services in the field of investigation with a focus on quality and accuracy of information and continuous updating from a technological perspective.

The company, thanks to its three offices in Italy and a network of collaborators throughout the country, is able to provide services in the field of investigation of high quality and calibrated to the needs of each Client.

The company is divided into two operating business units dealing with Commercial Information and Credit Investigation, Corporate, Private and Defensive Investigations, respectively. The third business unit, on the other hand, deals with Research and Development with the goal of responding to and anticipating market needs.

“It is increasingly clear that protecting the environment depends on the choices humans make, and it is now clear that this is an important commitment for all of us. Knowing the environmental impact of our. company was the first step for us in raising awareness of this issue.

Following our collaboration last year 2021 with a local Trentino project, we continue our search for national entities that share a focus on caring for the land in order to support and help them in promoting good environmental practices.

This is why we decided to support the Olivami Association, projects that positively impact our own. environment and future generations.”

120 Olive trees adopted

120 Olive trees planted

72,000 kg Co2 subtracted

2 Supported Farmers

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